YES. Inner West Sports Massage Clinic is located inside the building of @Ruben's Health and Fitness. There is off street parking at the club which is available for massage patrons.

Aim to arrive 10 minutes before your massage. You can expect a clean hygienic massage clinic and professional staff. Upon arrival you will be required to complete a massage consultation form (first time visitors only) and have a short consultation with the massage therapist to ascertain any areas of concern and lifestyle routines that might ultimately affect your massage treatment plan. You will then be shown to your massage room, your massage therapist will leave the room to allow you to dress down and lay down on the massage bed underneath a towel drape. Once you are ready the therapist will return and your massage will commence.

Come to the massage dressed as you would normally to go anywhere. You will dress down to your own personal comfort level, undressing completely it is NOT required. Remove obstructive clothing i.e.Necklaces, ‘dangly’ earrings, watches/bracelets is advised.

It is especially important to hydrate after your massage. After a massage there may be a number of toxins released and metabolic wastes products mobilised. Drinking water will allow these substances to be eliminated.

Remedial Massage is very specifically tailored to your individual needs including pain treatment, mobility and dysfunction. Depending on your condition the massage therapist may recommend a treatment plan that includes a number of massages over a period of time. Sports Massages frequency depends on your sporting activity intensity and frequency. Some athletes find they get the best results by receiving a weekly massage, others book in a massage when there is clear pain or discomfort. Swedish Relaxation frequency is by preference as it is an amazing stress management treatment it is used regularly for some and intermittent for others.

We recommend that you confirm your coverage with your insurance company. All our therapists are fully qualified and registered massage therapists with a remedial massage health insurance provider number

Certain injuries can be aggravated further by massage particularly within the first 72 hours of soft tissue damage. If you are unsure you are welcome to call the clinic and speak to one of our professional therapists to find out if remedial massage, sports massage or relaxation is suitable. Your other healthcare professionals will of course be able to help you, i.e. GP, Physio, Chiro.

Book online here: or Call the Inner West Sports Massage Team on 9569 1469

To respect the nature of the small business the therapists operate and the waitlisted clients Inner West Sports Massage will require 24 hours notice for cancellations and re-scheduling appointments. With less than 24 hours notice and the time spot is not subsequently filled it is our policy to charge 50% amount of the booked treatment. Less than 4 hours notice or no shows are 100% full fee. Upon arriving late we will endeavour to honour the treatment however all subsequent treatments must be started on time and your treatment length may be compromised.

To cancel or re-schedule your appointment call the Inner West Sports Massage Team on 9569 1469 or email

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