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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

With firm pressure and a fast pace this massage will impress and provide immediate results. The techniques used can help reduce oedema, increase blood circulation.

Lymphatic drainage massage is well known to reduce pain in Fibromyalgia, improve joint range of motion after surgery, reduce migraines, reduce visibility of varicose veins and reduce visibility of cellulite.

Preoperative lymphatic drainage massage helps prepare your body for surgery; lymphatic drainage massage will help you eliminate toxins and waste products from the body.

You can expect a less swollen and more toned body.  And a better sense of well being.

Facial Lymphatic Drainage gives immediate effect. Facial massage accentuates facial shapes and promotes the natural revitalisation of the skin. Ideal for wedding preparation and post-operative.

Re-discover your sense of calm and vitality, melt away the tension, unwind and enjoy a moment of serenity.



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